Making it through the long winter

Making it through the long winter

Considering Rainwater Harvesting? Here Are Some Water Tank Options

Meghan West

Having an additional source of water in your home is always beneficial. More so if you live in areas of Australia that have been subjected to water restrictions. One of the easiest ways of providing this resource to your household is through rainwater harvesting using water tanks. Nevertheless, finding the right water tank is not simply about purchasing the cheapest option that you find. Instead, there are a number of factors that would determine what type of tank would be the most suitable for your residence. So what are some of the water tank options you could consider when contemplating rainwater harvesting?

Galvanised steel water tanks

These types of water tanks are one of the economical options that you could choose. They are made from steel that has been coated with a protective layer of zinc in order to prevent the risk of premature rusting. Galvanised steel tanks are better suited to be installed above ground, as constant contact with the moisture in the soil would compromise the structural integrity of the tanks. It should be noted that the galvanised coating does have a shelf life. Thus, your tank will eventually begin to show signs of corrosion, for instance brown streaks in your water. When this begins to happen, it is an indicator that you need to replace the water tank.

Concrete water tanks

Concrete tanks are one of the popular options that homeowners will gravitate toward. There are a number of reasons for this. Firstly, concrete is a readily available material. Hence, these water tanks tend to be affordably priced making them within reach of most people's budget. Secondly, concrete is a sturdy material. This gives you flexibility when it comes to the placement of the tank. Concrete tanks can be installed above ground without the fear of them being compromised by a constant lashing from the elements. They also can be placed below-ground without having to worry about the material decomposing. Thirdly, concrete tanks can be customised to your individual specifications since they are typically constructed right on site rather than being purchased from a store.

Poly water tanks

These types of water tanks are made from plastic materials such as polyvinylchloride. They are an ideal option for homeowners who would like an aesthetically appealing tank as they come in a wide array of colours that you could choose from. Poly tanks are also quite durable as they will not be at risk of corroding.


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