Making it through the long winter

Making it through the long winter

  • Why You Should Use Organic Fertilizer for Your Garden

    The ultimate goal of any gardener is to end up with vibrant and healthy plants in their outdoor space. To achieve this goal, fertilizer is typically used to promote plant growth. At the core, garden fertilizers are chemical compounds that are applied to plants either through their leaves or through soil uptake. The debate between organic and inorganic fertilizer has been extensive in recent years. Indeed, the potential effects of several chemicals on soil, the environment and on the plants themselves have sparked the need for more environmentally sustainable components to be used in fertilizer.

  • Keeping Your Lawn Green and Chemical Free

    Whether you're using a standard Huaqvarna lawn mower from your local gardening store or a large sit-on mower, grass maintenance and care is essential if your want luscious green blades for as much of the year as possible. If you want to stay away from harsh chemicals you're in luck, as there are plenty of home remedies available as well as quick tips to reduce the amount of time you spend digging up weeds and picking up grass trimmings.

  • Considering Rainwater Harvesting? Here Are Some Water Tank Options

    Having an additional source of water in your home is always beneficial. More so if you live in areas of Australia that have been subjected to water restrictions. One of the easiest ways of providing this resource to your household is through rainwater harvesting using water tanks. Nevertheless, finding the right water tank is not simply about purchasing the cheapest option that you find. Instead, there are a number of factors that would determine what type of tank would be the most suitable for your residence.

  • Peanut Butter Dog Treats

    According to the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA), Australia has one of the highest amounts of pet to household ratios in the world. In 2015 research suggested that over 50% of all households had a cat or a dog alone. With so many families enjoying the company and companionship of their pets, it only seems fitting to reward those pets for their love and loyalty. This simple recipe will help you to create delicious, all natural and healthy treats for your dog, and they take minimal effort to prepare and cook.

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    Making it through the long winter

    It's been a long and hard winter for many farmers in my area. We rely on agricultural suppliers and stores to get us feed and supplies through the winter. It can be hard to balance the books and sometimes you need to make some hard decisions to have enough money to make it through the winter. If you are a farmer making some hard decision on how to afford to keep your livestock and crops healthy through a long winter, then this blog has tips on how to make it through a long winter as a farmer with a limited operational budget.